Terms & Conditions of Advertising and Marketing

Terms & Conditions of Advertising and Marketing with mydreamwedding.ie:

1. PLACING YOUR ADVERTISING ORDER:  Once The Customer (otherwise known as Advertisor or Marketor) has placed an order to advertise your services through our website the order will not be treated as having been accepted until you receive confirmation from us that this is the case. This confirmation may be provided by email. The decision as to whether to accept any order from you is at  sole discretion of mydreamwedding.ie.


  • The Customer is required to outline who they are and also the nature of the product/service to be advertised, to mydreamwedding.ie. Failure to comply with this request will result in mydreamwedding.ie refusing or canceling Service .
  • The Customer shall at all times, provide accurate information and facts to mydreamwedding.ie (to incorporate personal information and information for publication).  The Customer shall remain solely responsible for all Customer information submitted to, and published by, mydreamwedding.ie.
  • Should the Customer provide a link to an external website for publication the Customer shall retain responsibility for the integrity and accuracy of the information and content of that website.


  • mydreamwedding.ie reserves the right to review any information provided by the Customer intended to be published via the mydreamwedding.ie website or intended to be communicated to mydreamwedding.ie registered users.
  • We reserve the right to remove, amend or discontinue the display of any information which contravenes any legislation or regulations in force or which mydreamwedding.ie may consider to be contrary to the best interests of mydreamwedding.ie.
  • The Customer shall retain responsibility for ensuring that anything published by mydreamwedding.ie about the Customer complies with the legal requirements of all data protection legislation in force, and any variations, amendments or re-enactments thereof.
  • mydreamwedding.ie shall ensure that any information held on registered users of the mydreamwedding.ie website shall comply with the legal requirements of all data protection legislation in force and any variations, amendments or re-enactments thereof.


  • mydreamwedding.ie will not be liable for any inaccuracy or omission in adverts or where there is a failure of an advert to appear for any reason, nor shall mydreamwedding.ie be under any obligation to fulfill any order where its services are interrupted or technical difficulties are experienced. (CS)
  • Should there be a conflict between the terms of use and a specific Contract, the terms of Contract shall take precedence in that case
  • The Customer agrees to indemnify mydreamwedding.ie at all times for any and all third party claims, liability, loss, expense (including damage awards, settlement amounts and reasonable legal fees)  incurred by us as a result of any actions or breach of any term of use by the Customer.

5. LOGO AND/OR INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY (i) mydreamwedding.ie shall be entitled to use the Customer’s logo (or other intellectual property) as required fo ymydreamwedding.ie to provide the contracted Service for the Customer.



All Fees quoted for specific services by mydreamwedding.ie are valid for 28 days only from the date of the quote having been given to the Customer.
The agreed Fee is valid for the term of the Contract only.
Any subsequent agreements entered into between the Customer and mydreamwedding.ie for specific services are subject to a separate negotiation and as such, a different fee may apply.


All Fees shall be payable by the Customer to mydreamwedding.ie within 28 days of the date stated on the raised invoice by mydreamwedding.ie and are non-refundable.
Should the Customer wish to cancel the Service provided under the Contract at any time during the Period, no part of the Fee is refundable to the Customer.


  • mydreamwedding.ie shall be entitled to change the prices of products or services or to change the array of products or services offered at any time.

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